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Name: Menma

Nickname(s): C’mon he ain’t into that shit.

Birthday: October 10th

Relationship Status: Taken

Random fact: He’s kinder to some animals rather than people.



Name: Sandra

Tumblr URL: Swimmin’ in baras

Nickname(s): Bianca, Anna, Anarisu

Relationship Status: Single.

Random fact about you: I’ve got the shittiest immune system ever.

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"I need them for science! And I lost mine... "

"I don’t give a damn. If you lost yours buy a new pair."

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Taking a mental note of what he said, Sakura sighed quite loudly. She really didn’t meant to piss Menma off this much. And he should really go to anger management classes, seriously.


"Okay, noted.—Just, don’t you dare put any salt on any of my slugs, okay?"

She was really beginning to get tried of his temper. —Never mind that, he’ll have to pay all the damage he had done. With money or community services, probably.

He clicked his tongue in frustration. Menma would stop for now, after all.. He’d only become angrier if this continued. Sakura’s slugs were safe, just as long as Itachi wasn’t mentioned again.

"I wouldn’t waste my time with your slimy creatures anyways."


An exasperated sigh leaves the playboy’s lips. How could he forget how incredibly moody Menma gets whenever a certain Akatsuki member’s name is uttered—especially at a time like this. He figure he’ll probably get beat for it but he wraps his arms around the other from behind anyway. It’d be worth a few bumps and possible hemorrhaging in the ER for.


"Menma I didn’t mean to upset you. Do you really think I could stand even an hour with Itachi? We’d fight and I’d come right back to you. Honestly between you and me—Itachi can be an asshole." Of course the other knew that with first hand experience.

Dark brows furrowed in anger as he raised his arms in preparedness to push the other away. He had planned to shove Sasuke and storm off, but hearing his words caused him to stop all together.

Even if the jinchuuriki believed he was lying, the fact that Sasuke tried to cheer him up made Menma happy.

"…..Whatever. I’m still mad at you."


She watches him silently as he continues demolishing a civilian’s house. She didn’t care— It was him who’s going to pay for the damage, not her.


“—Are you done with your tantrum now?”

He doesn’t even answer at first, mainly because he’s still so steamed about being compared to Itachi. The jinchuuriki opens his palm and forms a Spiralling Ring, destroying a few more objects before cooling down.

"Don’t mention me and him in the same sentence. Ever."


Somehow he saw that one coming by a long shot. After this long he really should make mental notes on not to anger Menma in this form.


"…Oi it was a joke! I’m not going to leave with my brother for months and months I just got back! You need to relax Menma. You take everything so seriously. You’re so uptight for more than one reason."

He’s pretty pissed off, so he just decided to ignore the other. To be honest, he’s angry enough to the point where he’d punch Sasuke but afterwards he’d feel pretty bad about it so he decides against it.

"Don’t talk to me."


"Hey— you’re making me not like you anymore."


"If you ask me out, I won’t even say yes anymore. In fact, Itachi-san’s waaay better than you. And a lot nicer too. And handsomer. And Sasuke likes him too, so I’m wondering why don’t you get replaced by him. He’s obviously better.”

"Good. I find it annoying having to constantly tell you and Hyuga I’m not interested."

"—…….." He’s quiet but only because if he says anything else he’s gonna fucking punch something. And he does. He punches some poor man’s house. Now his house is gone. "I’ll snap you in two princess, don’t forget that."



"Hey now you can’t kick me out of my own house—well I guess if you’re willing to do that I could just live with nii-san instead. We could have all the adventures together and since he’s a mercenary we could be gone for months and months. Together.”

He stays silent, turning around only to punch a hole in the wall, basically destroying that wall in the process.

"Do whatever the hell you want. If you show up here again though I’ll crush your skull."


"You’re such a dick that you’re basically your dick. Like, if people shook hands to you, they’re basically shaking your dick."


"Whatever. You say that yet I know for a fact if I ever asked you out you’d jump at the opportunity."



"Taking sides? Nonsense! I’m just sitting back and enjoying the show. Besides we all know snakes are the best companion a person could have."

"If any of the salt magically disappears from the cabinet you’re going to magically disappear from the house.— Also. That’s complete bullshit."

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